How to remove pigmental spots house conditions

How to remove pigmental spots house conditions

Pigmental spots of brown color appear not only at women, but also at men. Emergence of spots can be connected with diseases of internals and also result of protection of skin against hot sunshine. At pigmentation, skin looks quite unattractively and causes chagrin. However you should not be upset on trifles, having applied several national ways, you without effort will be able to clarify, and it is possible, at all to get rid of undesirable pigmental spots on face and body.

It is required to you

  • 1) Petrushka moistening cream.
  • 2) Monthly infusion of tea mushroom, onions juice.
  • 3) Melon.
  • 4) Lemon.
  • 5) Cucumber, vodka.


1. To remove pigmental spots and to give to skin elasticity, parsley remarkably will help. In the flying and in the spring: to crush in the blender parsley leaves to consistence of gruel and to impose to the place of pigmentation of skin for 20-30 minutes. After that to wash away mask cool water and to apply the moisturizing cream. In the fall and to do the same mask of parsley roots in the winter.

2. Pigmental spots on skin can be clarified by means of monthly infusion of tea mushroom and juice of onions. To mix 2 tsps of infusion of tea mushroom and 1 tsp of juice of onions in glasswares. To apply the prepared mix to the place of formation of pigmental spots and to leave for the night. As a result of daily application of such mask of spot will disappear.

3. Excellent means from pigmental spots – melon. To put for the night melon peel inside to skin, to bandage and leave for the night. At daily application, throughout all season, pigmental spots will be gone finally.

4. If you have swarty and oily skin with pigmental spots, it can be clarified by means of lemon. To squeeze out 2 tsps of juice of lemon and to mix from 0.5 cups of water. To moisten cotton pad in this solution and to wipe skin daily. At constant and prolonged use the pigmental spots and freckles will leave skin.

5. To rub fresh cucumber on small grater and to squeeze out of it juice, to mix with the same amount of vodka. To merge in glasswares, to cover and insist within a day. To moisten gauze napkin in the prepared mix and to impose on skin. If you put on face, in gauze it is necessary to cut through places for nose, mouth and eyes. It is necessary to do such mask 3 times a day within 10 days.

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