How to remove pigmental spots on hands

How to remove pigmental spots on hands

Even at mature age the woman can keep symmetry of figure and have very attractive appearance. But, unfortunately, pigmental spots on hands can give the mystery of its age. And often and the very young girl cannot get rid of the brown spots spoiling skin of hands. Try to get rid of them, applying the means offered by traditional medicine.

1. Take two teaspoons of the infusion merged from the tea mushroom which has stayed not less than one month and mix with teaspoon of fresh juice of lemon. Grease with the received solution spots on hands until they completely do not disappear. Use simple lemon juice for wiping of pigmental spots. For this purpose part it in boiled water in proportions 1:10.

2. Prepare mix from fresh juice of lemon and two tablespoons of honey. Apply mix on clean napkin and apply to pigmental spot on quarter of hour. The received mix can be stored in the fridge for one week.

3. Rub fresh cucumber and put gruel on quarter of hour to problem zone. The cucumber has the good bleaching effect.

4. As often as possible wipe pigmental spots with kefir, acid milk or weak solution of peroxide of hydrogen. Use fresh juice of currant, guelder-rose and parsley for wiping of skin of hands.

5. Use the recipe of the following mask: on 10 drops of liquid ammonia and 3% of peroxide of hydrogen carefully mix with tablespoon of fresh cottage cheese. You apply mask on places of formation of spots approximately for ten minutes. Replace cottage cheese with kefir or curdled milk. From it the quality of mask will not worsen.

6. Part yeast in number of tablespoon in warm water and wait for the beginning of process of fermentation. Put to pigmental spots as mask for 15 minutes.

7. The good bleaching means is sauerkraut juice. For achievement of effect moisten clean napkin in juice and put to spots on quarter of hour.

8. Try, as seldom as possible to be under direct sunshine. Continuous influence of the sun increases risk of emergence of pigmental spots. Therefore it is even the best of all to carry out procedures for treatment of pigmentation of skin in the evening. Otherwise the probability that sunlight will reduce their effect is high.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team