How to remove pigmentation

How to remove pigmentation

Pigmental spots are the centers of yellow or brown color which can appear on skin of face or body for the most various reasons. Pigmentation represents congestion of melanin which was painted spontaneously, is not dependent on that, sunshine got or not on it.


1. Reasons of emergence of pigmental spots set. It hormonal changes, for example, as a result of pregnancy or at climax can do, consequences of injuries of skin (burns), various skin inflammations. Pigmental spots can sometimes appear after use of the irritating creams, ointments or perfumery water. At emergence of pigmental spots it is better to address the dermatologist to find out the reason of their emergence and according to it, to begin treatment.

2. To the people inclined to pigmentation, it is necessary to abstain from ultraviolet rays. Before exit from the house, in sunny weather and even in the winter, it is necessary to apply protective cream. At sunlight even almost imperceptible spots darken and it becomes much more difficult to get rid of them.

3. If pigmental spots appear quite often, then it is necessary to pay attention to diet. It is necessary to use the products containing vitamins A, C and PP: greens, carrots, dried apricots, tomatoes, etc. It is also possible to accept the vitamin complex containing these elements on 2-3 courses a year.

4. If pigmental spots have appeared during pregnancy, then it is necessary to treat use of the bleaching medicines carefully. Many of them contain mercury elements which can adversely influence development of fruit in the structure. Therefore pregnant women and the feeding women for removal of pigmentation can use lemon juice or juice of sauerkraut before putting day cream. Some plants also have the bleaching effect. The yarrow, bearberry, licorice, parsley belong to them.

5. Professional cosmetologists offer several options of removal of pigmental spots. The chemical method assumes removal of the upper layer of the skin by means of fruit acids, as a result appears new cages which are completely saved from pigmentation. In certain cases apply laser grinding of the person or photorejuvenation. These procedures not only promote disappearance of pigmental spots, but also to their help there is skin updating, its tone raises.

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