How to remove pigmentation on face

How to remove pigmentation on face

Any pigmentation on face, irrespective of origin, is shown because of the strengthened production of melanin. Therefore it is important before the beginning, in time and upon completion of the procedures to protect face skin from influence of ultraviolet. For this reason in sunbed and even under beams of the spring sun for some time it is necessary to forget about suntan.


1. The procedure for disposal of pigmentation represents bleaching of the upper layer of the skin. At first it is necessary to peel corneal layer, and then to remove melanin from epidermis. Clarification of pigmental spot will be result of it.

2. The choice of peeling for the procedure of bleaching depends both on degree of expressiveness of pigmentation, and on its reason. Earlier most often resorted to use of mercury ointment, phenol, salicyl alcohol. Now cosmetics for peeling contain alpha hydroacids (glycolic, citric, lactic acid). It is possible to learn that such substance is in cream on AHA abbreviation.

3. Hydrochinone is considered the most effective bleaching substance, but it possesses toxic action therefore to apply structures in which there is such substance it is necessary with care. More often hydrochinone use 1-2% in concentration, but increase up to 4% is possible. Contents in the bleaching means of arbutin says that it will fight rather effectively against pigmental spots on face. Arbutin is synthesized, or taken as extract from leaves of bearberry and other plants. Availability as a part of means against pigmental spots of kojic acid indicates not only its efficiency, but also allergenicity therefore be careful, putting it into practice.

4. As for house means for pigmentation treatment, the ptarmigan-berry mentioned above containing both hydrochinone, and arbutin has well proved. The lemon and cucumber contain those AHA, and parsley besides contains also essential oils, the bleaching action strengthening it. The yarrow which destructively affects the melanocytes which are contained in skin cells is unfairly forgotten without allowing them to produce melanin.

5. For treatment of pigmentation which does not give in to bleaching resort to such methods as laser grinding, dermabraziya, cryotherapy. If pigmental spots do not cause great discomfort, then it is possible that over time they will pass.

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