How to remove pimple from face

How to remove pimple from face

Pimples on the face – the phenomenon unpleasant and to a certain extent painful. Even one, jumped in a visible place in absolutely improper time, is capable to spoil mood considerably. No wonder that owners of pimples try to get rid of uninvited guests as soon as possible. And for this purpose at all it is optional to subject itself to painful procedures.


  1. Sometimes developing of pimples is caused by internal problems of organism. But before starting process of disposal of pimples, it is necessary to find out the reason for which they at you have developed. The visit to the doctor at the same time will strongly facilitate task - can happen that the doctor will find in you acne – the caused inflammation of sebaceous glands at which the special course of treatment will considerably solve problem is hormonal. But if pimples arise at you from time to time and are purely cosmetic problem, it is possible to try to remove them independently. Reconsider the food, drink more liquid, all this will do good to condition of your skin.
  2. Careful clarification of the person will become good preventive measure at pimples. It is better to use at the same time special means for washing. Plain water from under the crane in combination with toilet soap will lead to peresushivaniye of skin and aggravation of the available problems rather. But one cleaning of pimples not to get rid. Even at the most careful leaving the importunate heat-spot can arise in literal sense from nowhere. If the pimple has already developed, it is impossible to squeeze out it at all. The pimple is purulent inflammation, having squeezed out it hands, you can bring dirt and even infection in the organism, and on the place, to the undergone squeezing, most likely the spoiling scar is formed. It is better to make the drying disinfecting lotion, for example, of tea tea leaves or infusion of camomile. As more drastic remedy, it is possible to grease pimple with tea tree oil, this oil is fine antiseptic, but it is necessary to handle it accurately in order to avoid skin burn. Later it is worth applying on the place of pimple the ointment promoting healing – Panthenol, Bepanten and others. It is possible to repeat the procedure to 4-5 times a day. And do not cover already developed pimples with foundation or powder at all. Harm from such masking more than advantage is incomparable.
  3. Do not take in head to follow advice in which it is recommended to put hot egg or any other warm subject to pimple. Heat will not accelerate process of ripening of pimple, but under its influence the purulent center can increase considerably. And do not cover already developed pimples with foundation or powder at all. Harm from such masking more, than advantage is incomparable. The clogged-up pores will only promote emergence of the new centers of inflammation on face. It is better to resort to national methods of treatment of acne rash. Face peel by means of salt of times a week in combination with mask will make your person of white clay free from this misfortune. For preparation of mask mix two tablespoons of white clay with 20 drops of lemon juice and 20 g of tincture of calendula. Put mask on face and leave for 15-20 minutes. Such mask will pull together skin, will dry the outlined heat-spots, it is good to put small grated potatoes, potato juice To already developed pimple – fine resorptional and resolvent. If you follow all recommendations and to care regularly for the skin, then you will forget about pimples seriously and for a long time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team