How to remove pimples in day

How to remove pimples in day

Imperfections of skin, namely acne rash, give us the mass of inconvenience. But it is possible to get rid of them nevertheless. There is large number of recipes on removal of pimples. It is important to find that which suits you, then the result will be very fast and qualitative.

It is required to you

  • Calendula tincture, salicylic solution, boric acid, levomitsetin


1. Comprehensive care is constantly necessary for skin. It not only will save you from pimples, but also will prevent their emergence. In the morning and wash cold water in the evening, using gel for washing. Cold water narrows pores and normalizes work of sebaceous glands. After washing wipe face with tonic, then you apply the moisturizing cream.

2. To get rid of pimples for short term, you need to make lotion. Mix following ingredients: calendula tincture, salicylic solution, boric acid, levomitsetin. Merge everything in one capacity. Then moisten with solution cotton pad and wipe problem zones. Thus, you remove inflammation and dry the imminent pimples. All ingredients are on sale in drugstore and are readily available.

3. To get rid of pimples, you need to completely change the food allowance. Eat only natural products. Coffee should replace with green tea. It is the one breakfast best to eat cereals as they are very useful to skin. Try to use less semi-finished products.

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