How to remove pimples on chin

How to remove pimples on chin

Most often pimples on chin develop during puberty. Stresses, "malfunctions" in digestive tract, availability of premenstrual syndrome and genetic heredity belong to other reasons of their emergence.


1. First of all it is necessary to refuse sweets, greasy and high-calorie food in diet if your skin has tendency to appearance of pimples.

2. Pimples on chin often develop because of hormonal failures, and they in turn can appear from behind habit to smoke therefore the before people will understand that it is necessary to throw this addiction, the quicker it will get rid of problems with skin.

3. The same concerns also some alcoholic beverages. Their consumption should be minimized as alcohol promotes formation of stagnation of blood in vessels owing to what pimples can be formed.

4. To get rid of pimples on chin, wipe in the morning chin with grape juice. It contains the substances disinfecting the upper layer of the skin, besides, in it there is acid promoting removal of pimples.

5. Buy the quality cosmetics helping to look after problem skin. Choose the famous producers of cosmetics to gain positive effect, but not to do much harm. There are medical masks for skin, not less than two times a week are desirable to do them.

6. The people having the problems connected with appearance of pimples on chin should wash the ozonized water as it "will move away" dangerous bacteria which can promote appearance of pimples from face.

7. Sports activities, healthy lifestyle, healthy nutrition - all this promotes blood circulation improvement therefore decrease internal stagnation, and it leads to disposal of pimples on chin.

8. Acnes treat by different methods today. It is laser therapy, chemical peeling, hygienic face cleaning, mesotherapy and treatment with liquid nitrogen. All these procedures are carried out under observation of the doctor in specialized beauty shops. Of course, not all can use these methods because of their high cost therefore it is worth being engaged in prevention not to bring to serious problems with skin.

9. In serious cases when simple methods do not help, there is no nothing left, except hormonal therapy. Consult to your attending physician and follow its advice.

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