How to remove pimples without folk remedies

How to remove pimples without folk remedies

Pimples - the phenomenon quite unpleasant. But it is possible to cope with them and it is necessary. The main thing is to find out the reason of appearance of eels. And then it will be possible to choose necessary and effective medicine for treatment of acne rash from modern arsenal of means.


1. If pimples have visited you owing to awkward age - fasten. Most likely, it will not be possible to get rid of them completely. But here to reduce number of eels, thereby having improved the appearance, quite perhaps. First of all you need to address the gynecologist, to undergo necessary inspection and to make tests on hormones. Having received results, the doctor will appoint to you any given medicine regulating hormonal background. And the acne rash accompanying awkward age will disappear absolutely or considerably will decrease.

2. And what to do if you not the teenager, and pimples appear from time to time? Pay attention when they jump out most often? Perhaps, you use some product causing similar skin reaction. Then to you the direct road to the allergologist. He will advise how to avoid this effect at consumption of food.

3. Very often pimples develop from unlimited consumption of carbohydrates (white loaf, chocolate, cakes) and greasy food. Limit yourself in these excesses. Thereby you not only improve type of the skin, but also will dump 5-7 unnecessary kilograms, without making special efforts.

4. Also not superfluous will be to use external remedies for acne rash. Address the dermatologist. He will recommend you cream with which it will be necessary to smear pimples. Usually such therapy lasts 2-3 weeks. During this time the quantity of eels is considerably reduced. Use all scale of means - the medical cream, the tonic drying skin and narrowing pores, srub for removal of devitalized parts. Choose something one that is suitable you for daily application. And use other means 1 - 2 time a week for prevention of skin inflammations.

5. The excellent effect gives campaign to the cosmetologist on face peel. The master liquidates pimples, will remove excess of skin fat, will impose the cleaning mask. But, that the effect has been noticeable, it is necessary to do these procedures regularly, 3-4 times a month.

6. Having combined several ways - healthy nutrition, consultation with the dermatologist and saloon face peel - you pretty fast will get rid of acne rash. The main thing - do not start the skin, do not squeeze out pimples independently, handle your problem to experts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team