How to remove red color

How to remove red color

The women wishing to change the hair color to light often have such problem as emergence of red shade on hair. It is possible to get rid of such surprise, having addressed the professional hairdresser, or independently in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • Paint of dark color, coloring shampoo or balm, rye bread, water, two lemons, professional consultation, funds for washing of paint from hair.


  1. In the most convenient and cardinal way of removal from hair of red shade – repainting in dark color. However, such way will not be able to help the girl aiming to become the blonde.
  2. Also, it is possible to use various coloring shampoos and balms. Now it is possible to find special means for colored blondes who will help to neutralize red shade in any professional shop. To achieve good result, it is necessary to use shampoos and with such shades as violet, silver, ashy, pearl and beige. For a start, means needs to be applied on hair for five minutes and at once to wash away. Further, the procedure can be repeated with small increase in time. It is important to notice that such coloring means give only short-term effect.
  3. To get rid of red shade on hair, it is possible to use masks. The most widespread mask is the juice of two lemons applied on hair. In a couple of hours hair need to be washed with warm water well. The mask from the rye crumb divorced in water can serve very good help. Ready gruel needs to be applied on hair and in hour to wash away. Also, such mask at long application can make hair very thick.
  4. The most widespread way at disposal of red color on hair, is visit of the professional hairdresser. It is important to consult with the master in coloring to find specific solution. The choice of the correct shade will depend completely on the true hair color, the previous coloring and grade of the used paint.
  5. It is possible to make washing of hair or dekapirovaniye. Such procedure is usually appointed to the women who have unsuccessfully dyed hair. The picked-up remover for hair extends dye which was absorbed in structure of hair that helps to get rid of red shade. Sometimes, such procedure for the best effect needs to be repeated several times.

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