How to remove red complexion

How to remove red complexion

Face reddening is characterized by availability on it red spots and always indicates problems with capillaries. Small vessels very brittle are also sharply filled with blood that leads to their expansion. More often the redness disturbs women with light skin after 30-35 suffering from sensitivity to external factors.


1. Face reddening can have temporality and be noted in stressful situations. However sometimes this phenomenon is so expressed that the face remains red and in quiet situation, vascular reticulums and asterisks appear. As the reasons of it serve digestive tract diseases, incorrectly picked up skin care products, washing of too hot water and others. The person having similar disease demands to itself special care and observance of certain rules of food. Refuse spicy and smoked food, tomatoes, liver, chocolate, cheese and yogurts. Use more products containing vitamins K, P and Page. Try to minimize the intake of alcohol, nicotine and emergence of stressful situations. They can also have negative effect on condition of skin.

2. If your person is predisposed to reddenings, avoid contacts with hot water, use of the warming masks and steam bathtubs. It is not necessary to rub and pound cream vigorously. It leads to mechanical injury of skin. Be afraid of sharp temperature differences, long stay in the sun, wind and cold.

3. The reddened skin requires daily personal care. Wash water of temperature of 32-34 degrees. Such water does not narrow small vessels, does not cause irritation of skin and does not overdry it. For removal of make-up use gel means without preservatives and fragrances. Clean face in the morning and in the evening. At the same time apply alkaline soap and spirit lotions. Finish the procedure of clarification by light massage of the person fingertips, and then refresh skin with the calming spray.

4. You apply to skin the moisturizing cream protecting it from cold, wind and environmental pollution in the morning. Choose means depending on type of your skin. In fight against eels use the cream on the basis of plant extracts masking up to 30% of redness. Perfectly extracts of green tea, orange, apple, chestnut strengthen vessels. Buy cream with ultra-violet protection in the flying.

5. Apply the nutritious cream promoting skin cell regeneration in the evening. Select it taking into account your age features. You put means for some time to dream with easy movements, without pounding at the same time skin.

6. It is possible to hide imperfections of skin by means of face packs. Mix juice of one lemon, egg white, 10 g of sugar and 10 ml of water. Put the received weight on face on third of hour, and then wash away warm water. Apply the moisturizing cream to skin. Use means each two days course of 5-7 procedures.

7. Prepare lotion from lemon juice and parsley. Make strong freshly frozen or fresh greens decoction, you will infuse it and mix with lemon juice in equal proportions. Moisten with such means skin in the morning and in the evening then moisten it with cream.

8. Effective method of treatment of the reddened person the simpatektomiya – the operation performed in beauty shops is considered. At 95-98% of patients the result is achieved at once and remains throughout long time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team