How to remove red heat-spots

How to remove red heat-spots

Appearance of pimples is the first sign of internal problems with health. And most often the reason is in violations of digestive and endocrine systems. Therefore it is necessary to treat pimples, first of all, from within and only then to influence them outside.

It is required to you

  • - vitamins;
  • - camomile, mint or pine for lotions or steam baths;
  • - grated potatoes, strawberry, tomato for anti-inflammatory masks;
  • - paraffinotherapy.


1. Treatment of pimples and elimination of red spots after them have to be with simultaneous prevention of emergence of new inflammations on face. For this purpose find out the possible causes of pimples. And as they are diverse, address the cosmetologist better. Correct food allowance as some products do not promote health of skin in any way.

2. Exclude greasy, fried, smoked food, bakery and confectionery. Limit milk, potatoes, tea, coffee, chocolate. Enrich the diet with fresh vegetables and fruit, porridges (it is desirable on water or with the minimum quantity of milk), gray grades of bread (it is better yesterday's or in the form of crackers). Drink daily not less than 2 pure liters.

3. Make whenever possible microelement analysis which biosubstrate are skin, hair, nails and blood. Perhaps the deficiency of vitamins and minerals, and especially vitamin A, iron and sulfur is E, C the reason of pimples. Add their preventive doses (in the form of ready medicines) to the diet.

4. Every week do face cleansing by means of bath or steam baths. Regular release of skin from the collected slags, toxins and acids brings the best effect at external treatment of red pimples.

5. Wash only boiled (room temperature) water. Add to it the broths of herbs possessing bactericidal and anti-inflammatory action. It is calendula, camomile, mint, pine. Use the same herbs for lotions on places of rashes.

6. Do anti-inflammatory masks. Pulp of crude potatoes (turn in several layers of gauze and for 10 minutes apply to the inflamed places), pulp of strawberry, tomato belong to them.

7. Make course in 20 days paraffin appliques on face skin. The melted hot paraffin (60 wasps) well warms up more deep skin layers, improves blood supply and food of upper layer (epidermis). Paraffinotherapy is especially useful to treatment of red spots for pimples. You can independently do this procedure, having got acquainted with all subtleties and contraindications, or give such opportunity to the professional cosmetologist.

8. Acquire regularly tan. They improve blood circulation and blood supply of skin, at the expense of it there is fast restoration of its corneal layer. Moreover, ultraviolet rays possess bactericidal action that is important in treatment of red pimples. However do not subject face skin to direct sunshine not to gain boomerang effect.

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