How to remove red spots on stomach and sides

How to remove red spots on stomach and sides

Red spots on body bring to the person lot of unpleasant feelings. First of all, it is itch. It causes concern and discomfort. If spots have arisen owing to allergic reaction, its source should be eliminated. It is possible to try to get rid of rashes make-shifts.

Fermented milk products in fight against allergy

Red spots on stomach, sides and other parts of body - occasion to visit the doctor. Especially if they have appeared owing to intake of medicines. At severe itch it is possible to facilitate the state by means of liquid sour cream, kefir or acid milk. Apply any product on problem places. Ten minutes later wash away flowing water. Dry skin napkin and wipe with weak solution of boric acid. Also it is necessary to take the antihistaminic drug.

To remove spots on stomach, sides and other parts of body it is possible to try by means of antiallergic children's cream. For example, Kid brand cream. At the same time any soap, gel or other cleaning means is contraindicated. These additional irritants can aggravate allergy, so, increase rashes on skin.

If allergic spots have been caused by cosmetic use, skin needs to be washed up large amount of clear water and to grease with special ointment. Further to accept antihistamine. At the same time for fight against allergy the doctor has to appoint ointments and other medicines. Self-treatment can cause still big troubles. The component capable to cause repeated allergic reaction can be part of antihistamines. It will delay recovery.

Good habits will accelerate recovery

Active lifestyle will help to accelerate recovery process. For this purpose forget about transport. Begin to use bicycle. You go on foot to long distance more. Also it is longer necessary to stay in the fresh air, to sleep well, to eat properly. The huge value in fight against any disease has positive spirit of the person. Red spots on stomach, sides and other parts of body can be brightly red color and occupy the most part of integument, and can be almost imperceptible. It is influenced by concentration and amount of the used allergen. During treatment of allergy the visit of hot baths, saunas is contraindicated. It is impossible to take too hot baths. It is also necessary to exclude alcohol intake in any kind. At the same time it is not important, there is it at contraindications to medicine or not. In hot or frosty days and also at wind and rain skin needs to be covered carefully. Corticosteroid medicines have high therapeutic effect. It is hydrocortisone and Prednisolonum. Many doctors recommend them to apply in fight against allergy symptoms.

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