How to remove red traces from pimples

How to remove red traces from pimples

Traces from pimples - problem not only teenagers, but often and adults. It is possible to get rid of them in two ways: professional and house. It is necessary to choose depending on extent of damage of skin. If skin is too covered with gnoynichka, eels, then will better address the dermatologist.

It is required to you

  • - burdock, olive or linseed oil
  • - salt
  • - clay
  • - rosemary oil
  • - cucumber
  • - apple cider vinegar
  • - parsley
  • - St. John's wort
  • - alcohol


1. Before you begin to fight against red spots, cure skin. There is mass of means which I promote clarification of skin pores from pollution. They need to use in the morning and in the evening. There are anti-inflammatory and antibacterial means. Essential oils, camomile and other vegetable components are their part. Think as well of healthy food as it affects condition of skin.

2. Further begin deep cleansing of skin. However if the first stage of recovery of skin is not completed, do not start it better as in house conditions you can bring serious infection. For deep cleansing of skin use srubs. You can buy them in shop, but it is possible to make also at home. Pour 2 tablespoons of burdock, olive or linseed oil in glass and mix from two tsps of salt. You apply the prepared mix to face skin.

3. It is necessary to pass to disposal of red traces. Buy clay and oil of rosemary in drugstore. Then prepare mask from these ingredients. Take 1 tablespoon of powder of clay, steam of drops of oil of cool water. Apply mask only on red traces from pimples and in 11 minutes wash away water.

4. As red spots from pimples are connected with skin pigmentation problems, it is possible to get rid of them, having clarified skin. Take usual cucumber and put it for 20 minutes to the darkened spots. One more simple means from spots on face – apple cider vinegar. Part 1 tablespoon of vinegar from three tablespoons of water. You apply solution on damages every morning.

5. Officinal herbs are well of useful components therefore use them in infusions at fight against spots on face. Weld parsley decoction, cool it and pour in forms for ice preparation. Daily wipe face with the prepared ice cubes.

6. Not less effective remedy – St. John's wort infusion. Fill in 2 tablespoons of St. John's wort with glass of alcohol. Later put it for 10 days to the cool and dark place. When infusion is ready, grease every day affected areas of skin. Each person is individual therefore also identical methods of fight against red spots from pimples suit not all.

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