How to remove reddening from pimples

How to remove reddening from pimples

It would seem, the enemy is prostrate – you have no pimples any more and eels, but skin is still extremely far from ideal. Before issue or just on the street you still spend the whole hours in front of the mirror, trying to disguise red traces from pimples which are not more attractive than the predecessors at all. But it is possible to recover skin pretty fast, the main thing is to bethink and follow simple steps in time.

Instruction: 1 Red traces from pimples are nothing but the damaged sites of skin which have to be replaced by new layer over time. You can help your skin to be updated, regularly carrying out procedures of peeling. Besides such procedures improve susceptibility of skin to the restoring and moisturizing substances.

So, choose srub for skin clarification 1-2 times a week. It may contain soft natural parts (the crushed apricot stones, for example) and natural extracts (for example, the camomile possesses the great antiseptic and healing action).

2 Skin will be actively recovered, only being well humidified – so choose low-fat gel with natural extracts and natural oils, for example, of tea tree. It possesses antimicrobic and anti-inflammatory actions. You should not choose too aggressive tonic with the high content of alcohol – the truth, the small percent of salicylic acid will be very opportunely as it also helps skin to be updated.

3 Of the Mask – certain way to remove spots after pimples. Medical white clay will be miracle weapon – it well clarifies skin, removes reddenings and calms inflammations and also absorbs in itself excess fat and regulates its development in general. Moisturizing masks from cucumber pulp – certain way to return to skin pure and uniform color.

Also take for habit to wipe every morning face with cube of the frozen water and addition of lemon juice – and through couple of week you will see in mirror the shining and equal complexion and perfectly narrowed pores. Similar effect also the frozen broth of usual parsley has.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team