How to remove reddenings under eyes?

How to remove reddenings under eyes?

Reddening of skin around eyes - the frequent phenomenon. The integument in this area more gentle and thin, and therefore such site is more subject to negative impact of the external environment. As a result there can be allergic reaction or irritation. It is possible to get rid of redness under eyes, but in the beginning it is necessary to find out the specific reason of its emergence.

Allergic reaction can externally be shown in the form of reddening of skin around eyes and also hypostasis of upper or lower eyelid. These symptoms can be followed by dacryagogue, itch, peeling and dryness of skin. Reddening of eyes and nearby skin can be noted at patients who are subject to other allergic manifestations - for example, allergy to hair of cats, perfumery, dust.

On the symptomatology the allergy can remind itself conjunctivitis. It is recommended to see the attending physician at the first symptoms. It will help to make in due time diagnostics to define availability of disease.

Such symptoms of allergy as reddening and irritation of skin, often appear as a result of use of cosmetics. Hairspray, gel or skin cream are capable to cause allergy if there is already such reaction to any component as a part of means.

Besides, the redness under eyes can appear also for other reasons: - irregular food; - unbalanced diet; - food allergy. In the first two cases it is necessary to think of healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Besides, red circles under eyes can indicate availability in infection organism. They can appear from behind intoxication of organism of viruses, bacteria or waste products of parasites. Helminthic invasions - the frequent reason of reddening of skin about eyes, especially at kids. Therefore it is very important to observe to both adults, and children hygiene. It is necessary to wash hands before food, after visit of the street, toilet. The allergy to the sun can appear the reason of redness of skin and itch also. Moreover, even usual tap water is capable to cause such symptoms if skin around eyes very sensitive. Violation of exchange processes, dysbacteriosis can serve as the base for reddening of integument in eyes. And therefore consultation of both the gastroenterologist, and the endocrinologist can be necessary for qualitative research. Now it is worth finding out how to eliminate redness from skin about eyes, applying medications. Here It should be noted that it is necessary to buy medicines only after consultation with the doctor as independently it is impossible to define risk degree. However you can take the following actions: - to remove various allergens, since food, cosmetics, and finishing with medicines; - if allergen elimination has not helped you, you can take the antihistaminic drug. If there is no health hazard, the doctor can appoint reception of hormonal means which reduce reddening and remove the naggers. If symptoms are followed by bacterial infection, it is required to accept antibiotics. Also the doctor can appoint to you drops from reddening of eyes.

Gels, cream will help to eliminate or reduce allergic reaction on skin under eyes.

To get rid redness of skin parsley lotions can help. It should be cut and spread out small in small sacks from gauze or bandage. Then it is necessary to accept horizontal position and some time to lie down, having put these on the closed eyes. One more good means - camomile broth. This plant is famous long ago for the ability to calm naggers and irritation. Also fennel broth will help. He perfectly removes hypostasis and also calms skin in problem zone. For this purpose it is necessary to take cotton tampon, to lower it in warm broth, and then to put to eyes. Approximately in 2 minutes the tampon will cool down, and the procedure will be required to be repeated. Help to remove reddening from skin about eyes and fennel seeds. They should be put in sack too, then to dip into warm, almost hot water, then to wring out and put a little on eyelids.

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