How to remove redness after sunbed

How to remove redness after sunbed

Redness after solar bathtubs or sunbed - not the most pleasant phenomenon so we learn to cope effectively with this problem and we become owners of beautiful bronze skin as soon as possible!


  1. First, later sunbed should take very cool shower. Hot water not only enhances redness, but also destroys gentle protective natural layer of skin. Do not use bast or sponge unless only nutritious and gentle shower gel (it is desirable with the neutral ph level). Remember that acceptance of shower after sunbed is compulsory procedure.
  2. Moisturize and calm the skin: first, suntan long will is urgently keep only on condition of perfectly moisturized skin, secondly, after influence of ultraviolet your skin needs to fill moisture reserve! Choose soft creams or gels with natural extracts, for example, with camomile which perfectly calms skin and removes reddenings. Do not use heavy nutritious creams, they will hardly help to hide reddenings. Perfectly, if you manage to find means with menthol which will cool skin and will effectively remove reddenings.
  3. If you feel that also apricot will approach) oils. They contain huge amount of nutrients which will lend a hand to your skin affected by intensive influence of ultraviolet.
  4. Various grass infusions perfectly struggle with potential burns and redness after sunbed: sage, the camomile which is already mentioned above, parsley and celandine. Besides, fine means is the made black or green tea with which it is necessary to soak vatu or gauze and to apply on affected areas approximately for 20-30 minutes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team