How to remove redness after sunbed

How to remove redness after sunbed

Opinion that in sunbed it is impossible to burn down, mistakenly. Unfortunately, it is very possible. The burn of skin is observed just the same, as well as at long contact with direct sunshine. If after sunbed the reddening does not take place within 2-3 hours, then it is possible to tell with accuracy that it is burn of integuments. Feelings will be unpleasant: reddening, emergence of bubbles, skin gradually will begin to climb up, temperature increase of body is also sometimes observed. It is possible to avoid these symptoms, the main thing is to take measures in time.


  1. The most widespread means - sour cream. Take sour cream of any fat content, but the she is fatter, the better. Grease zone of reddening and wait - after a while reddening will begin to fall down. But there is also one essential minus - smell. Sour cream will begin to smell unpleasantly therefore as soon as you lighten, and the redness will pass, wash away it from body. Then apply any nutritious cream.
  2. Also well various oils help. You can use any what only is in your house: olive, sunflower, burdock and even camphoric. Apply small amount of oil to skin, and in several hours you will notice visible result. You can not wash away olive oil, other types of oils, in principle, too, but if you do not like smell, you can wash away it usual shower gel.
  3. Also modern means, their benefit will approach quite a lot now. Buy any cream after suntan and use it. Is also cream which are created for elimination not only reddening, but also directly burn. Are applied cream on the damaged sites of skin, and here it is not necessary to wash away them at all. Have pleasant smell and have the calming effect. If you have noticed obvious reddening after sunbed, go not home, and to the nearest drugstore.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team