How to remove ring from the swelled-up finger

How to remove ring from the swelled-up finger

Quite often hands swell up, and it is not possible to remove ring. To suffer it is useless, to remove it just like that not to turn out. To remove ring from the swelled-up finger there are small cunnings which are easy for making in house conditions.


  1. The easiest way to remove ring – soap. To apply a little liquid soap on finger and to pound. To try to remove ring. Instead of soap it is possible to use vaseline, hand cream or vegetable oil.
  2. By means of thread and needle. To take thick linen thread and big needle. To pass thread throughout needle. It is necessary to push needle ear under ring on the basis of finger moving to nail. As soon as thread has appeared from reverse side it it is necessary to catch and almost completely to extend. To begin to wind with thread finger. As soon as the finger was wound, it is necessary to take thread tip from reverse side and to begin to unwind thread, making movements around finger. The ring has to be removed easily.
  3. To remove ring by means of cold water. To lower finger in ice water and to take five minutes. On the expiration of five minutes to take out finger from water and to take, having raised hand up. Hypostasis has to fall down gradually and the ring will be removed.
  4. The extreme way is to saw. If it is not possible to remove ring in any way, then there is only one way – to saw it. But it is not so simple to saw ring as it seems, it is possible to injure skin. It is possible to try to squeeze ring flat-nose pliers and to try to crush it. But it is necessary to do it very carefully - it is possible to injure finger. If the ring was removed, then it is possible to restore its appearance in jewelry workshop.
  5. If all methods of removal of ring have not helped, then it is necessary to address to hospital, perhaps, will help you, having appointed diuretic means that hypostasis has descended, and it was possible to get rid of ring.

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