How to remove rings on neck

How to remove rings on neck

Very often, looking after skin of face, women forget that the neck also requires the correct and regular care. As a result of it on neck the treacherous cross wrinkles called "rings of Venus" which give age of the woman are formed.

The causes of rings on neck

One of the causes of emergence of rings on neck is the wrong position of the head during sleep. If you want your neck to look young and beautifully, do not sleep on high pillows. Use the special roller or flat small "dumochka".

Also the wrong bearing does harm to gentle skin of neck. If you have got used to go with the hung head, that time to get rid of this addiction. Highly raised chin will help to keep neck muscles in tone. Simple exercise will allow to develop correct posture. Try to do household chores, having put the book which should not fall on the head.

How to get rid of rings on neck in house conditions

If you use creams, then apply them to neck skin light touches. Neck skin very easily stretches from rough touches, on it wrinkles are formed. For neck care choose the cream rich with moisturizing components. Masks for skin of neck should be done two times a week. For example, the mask from the banana pounded in puree with addition of three drops of almond oil will perfectly moisturize the neck skin. Having applied mask to skin, wrap neck polyethylene and you hold 10-15 minutes then wash away warm water. Masks in combination with compresses are especially effective. Contrast compresses which need to be done once a week will help you to get rid of rings on neck. The main thing is to do such compresses regularly. Moisten towel with hot water and wrap it neck. You hold towel about 3-4 minutes then moisten it with cold water and apply to neck for 2-3 minutes. Change hot and cold towel 2-3 times. After completion of the procedure apply nutritious cream to neck skin. One more effective procedure helping to remove wrinkles on neck – oil wrappings. For wrappings it is the best of all to use olive oil. Warm up oil on water bath and apply warm oil on gauze. Wrap gauze neck and cover with polyethylene. Duration of holding such procedure should not be less than 20 minutes. After this time remove gauze and remove residues of oil by means of lotion.

Help of professionals

In case independently it is impossible to get rid of rings on neck, it is worth asking for the professional help. Now there are several ways of disposal of the wrinkles on neck offered in beauty shops and clinics of plastic surgery to the most widespread ways belong: lymphatic drainage, mesococktails and surgical tightening. The lymphatic drainage represents special massage which helps to save neck skin from excess fats, to improve skin tone, having returned it elasticity. Mesococktails promote production of collagen. Such cocktails enter under skin into the fields of education of wrinkles. As a result of this procedure of wrinkle are actively smoothed. The surgical way of disposal of rings assumes removal of the drooped skin. During operation in skin special threads which help to create accurate contour of neck are sewed.

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