How to remove roughnesses of skin

If your skin is inclined to roughnesses, shortcomings, and you wish to achieve ideally soft and velvety skin besides possessing in fantastically equal color, then you should examine several simple receptions which should be used in daily the face care.


1. First, in order that skin was shining, equal, without peelings and very nice on the touch, it is worth including procedures of peeling in regular care for it. The peeling procedures help skin to get rid of pollution, on it is formed much less black dots, time opens and cleaned. Peeling also helps skin to absorb and ""perceive"" everything the contained in creams, and especially masks, useful substances.

2. Moistening is extremely important for equal and healthy skin, at the same time it is unimportant, dry it at you or fat. The lack of necessary amount of moisture results in dryness, violation of exchange processes in skin cells, dimness, roughness and other not palatable surprises. So choose light gels without fragrances and regularly apply to skin - it will be grateful to you! By the way, the use of enough water is inside not less important therefore take 7-8 glasses a day for the rule.

3. As for face packs, that is enough absolutely simple recipes which can help you to level color, to remove reddenings and to give to the face pleasant velvet. For example, the mask from cucumber - it calms skin, saturates it with moisture, calms and removes reddenings. Take one small cucumber, peel it, rub on grater and put on face quite thick layer approximately for 15 minutes. The same concerns also parsley broth. If you are disturbed by uneven color, pigmental spots, constant irritations, wash warm broth several times a day, and your skin will get equal beautiful shade. The mask from low-fat cottage cheese can also give to skin pleasant velvet and hide roughnesses - just put cottage cheese on face not really dense layer approximately for 20 minutes, and then wash away warm water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team