How to remove roughnesses on face

How to remove roughnesses on face

The hems and roughnesses which are formed on face as a result of complications after acne rash or pimples give the mass of inconvenience and considerably worsen appearance. The modern cosmetology has the mass of ways for full or partial elimination of problem.


1. One of the most effective methods of elimination of problem – dermabraziya. The qualified cosmetologist under anesthetic has to perform the procedure (local or the general). Its essence consists in mechanical impact on skin by means of special devices (grinding). Depth of penetration has to be defined individually, depending on degree of roughness of skin. It should be noted that such procedure will suit not everyone. It is not necessary to resort to it to people with various inflammatory processes on skin, with problem vessels, after passing of hormonal or radiation therapy. This way allows to get rid of quite big layer of uneven skin on which place it will be formed new and smooth. Essential shortcoming is that you will be able to receive the end result not soon. Because of strong traumatizing skin long time will be restored and be in the inflamed state. During this period of time it is necessary to avoid long stay in the sun and to constantly use sun-protection means.

2. The procedure of grinding of skin can be carried out also in house conditions (microdermabrasion). It is carried out by means of the compact device and special srub with abrasive particles which is included in the package. The rotating head of the device it is necessary to process the surface of skin on which the srub is previously applied. At the same time it is impossible to process eye area not to injure gentle skin. Such procedure allows to remove upper layer of skin cells, that is peeling in this case not such deep, as at saloon dermabraziya. However the sensitivity of skin to sunshine too here takes place, therefore, you should not forget about special creams. Microdermabrasion is carried out by 1 or 2 times a week, the number of procedures has to be 5-8 times. Everything depends on degree of roughness of skin. Before carrying out it is necessary to carry out procedures the test for sensitivity and absence of allergy to srub components.

3. Natural means which helps to reduce hems – calendula. Use means on the basis of this plant. This way in itself will not yield fast and notable result, but at long and regular use you will be able to improve structure of skin.

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