How to remove scar

How to remove scar

Appearance of scars of very few people decorates. On the contrary, they become the real problem up to emergence of complex. Fortunately, the majority of scars can be eliminated, without resorting to plastic surgeries. What main methods of removal of scars you learn from article.


1. The scar is the hem which has appeared as a result of trauma, burn, frostbite, inflammatory processes on skin and operations. The hem is formed in development of connecting fabric which replaces the damaged piece of skin. At first the hem pink, turns pale over time and is condensed. This hem is considered normotrofichesky. If the hem affects more deep skin layers, it is atrophic hem if only upper, it is hypertrophic. Hem which does not turn pale in it blood vessels long remain, it is considered keloid. It regularly recurs that leads to growth of hems and increase in scar.

2. Determination of structure of hem is carried out at medical research and purpose of the necessary adjusting procedures. Normotrofichesky hems and atrophic it is not recommended to operate, that is they can be improved by other methods. And here hypertrophic should be subjected to operation. The most difficult keloid hems in treatment. Their forming depends on properties of surrounding fabrics and kind of them treated, all of them equally recur. However what earlier you will begin to treat hems, that high probability that they will not pass into keloid.

3. Completely it is impossible to remove scars, but it is possible to make them imperceptible the following methods: * chemical peelings (atrophic); * replacement of the damaged fabrics with hyaluronic acid (atrophic); * laser grinding of hem (hypertrophic); * electrophoresis lidazy or hydrocortisone (keloid); * hormonal injections (keloid); * cryotherapy (keloid); * radiation therapy (keloid); * plastic surgery

4. In the course of radical treatment of scars (cryotherapy, laser grinding, plastic surgery) the antibiotic treatment and means which improve blood circulation in fabrics is appointed. After that appoint more sparing treatment methods (microdermabrasion, peeling, electrophoresis).

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