How to remove scar on face

How to remove scar on face

Data of scars on face – business individual. Men treat it differently, but women … I will give scars do not decorate, it precisely. And it means that the "spoilt" person demands intervention. It is necessary to remember, of course, that not all scars can be removed without traces. But those scars which up to the end cannot be removed can be made almost imperceptible. It is possible to remove scar on face in two ways, surgical and non-surgical.


1. Non-surgical way of removal of scars and hems: By means of laser removal delete generally hypertrophic hems. This way consists in destruction by the laser of rough connecting fabric and stimulation of formation of new, elastic fibers. Local anesthesia does the procedure painless. Duration of the procedure of laser removal of scars takes from five minutes to hour. The intermediate effect can be noticed in week, the final effect becomes visible after 3-6 months. Quite often after operation of laser removal appoint peeling. The peeling will be suitable for superficial hems and scars. This operation at addition of fruit acids increases elasticity of skin and levels relief and also does difference between color of skin and scar almost imperceptible. After superficial peeling it can be appointed chemical.

2. Surgical way: There is a lot of ways to remove scar by means of surgical intervention. One of them consists in excision of hem and imposing of intracutaneous seams. Also do plastics and change of contours of hem, hem plastics with the subsequent skin transplantation. The Expanderny dermotenziya is applied to removal of extensive hems and scars. It consists of two steps. The first includes expander vshivaniye (silicone sack) in skin near the place of scar and introduction to it of physiological solution which stretches skin over hem. The second step consists sack, excision of hem and lifting of skin at a distance.

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