How to remove scar on leg

How to remove scar on leg

At violation of process of healing of wound instead of hardly noticeable flat hem the hollow or towering over skin scar is formed. Located on noticeable parts of the body, for example, legs, it becomes the reason of emergence of complexes. How to get rid of this cosmetic defect?

It is required to you

  • - honey;
  • - nutmeg;
  • - mummy;
  • - children's cream;
  • - fresh-water sponge;
  • - 3% hydrogen peroxide;
  • - Contractubex gel.


1. Prepare honey and muscat mix. Mix 1 tsp of nutmeg (it is on sale in grocery stores in departments of seasonings and spices) from 4 tsps of liquid honey. Instead of liquid honey you can use and candied, previously having kindled it on water bath or in the microwave. Rub the received structure to the area of scar the easy massing movements. Leave for half an hour, and then wash away warm water without soap. Repeat daily until the scar does not merge with surrounding skin.

2. Dissolve 1 gram of mummy (5 tablets on 0.2 g) in 1 tsp of warm boiled water. Mix the prepared gruel with tube of usual children's cream to uniform state. Rub structure in affected area of skin every evening before going to bed. You store residues of ointment in glass capacity in the fridge.

3. At convex scars do peeling by fresh-water sponge. Mix bag of powder from 3% hydrogen peroxide before emergence of bubbles. Rub mix in scar easy movements within 5-10 minutes. You will feel easy pricking or burning. Then wash skin with warm water and get wet with towel. Apply any calming cream. Repeat the procedure of peeling every other day. If you use fresh-water sponge in the flying, apply to skin in the field of scar sun-protection means for prevention of appearance of solar burns and pigmental spots. You do not carry out peeling just before exit to the street if you are going to put on open clothes since skin in the field of influence of fresh-water sponge will remain some more hours reddened.

4. Buy Contractubex gel in drugstore. Rub it to the area of defect 2-3 times a day. After drawing do not wash away gel, you put new layer over old. If scar old and dense, daily for the night do resorptional bandages. Plentifully you apply gel to skin, from above put gauze napkin and fix bandage 2-3 rounds of bandage or several strips of adhesive plaster.

5. If you could not remove scar independently, ask for the help in cosmetic clinic. Qualified specialists will help you to cope with problem.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team