How to remove scars from cuts on hands

How to remove scars from cuts on hands

In modern cosmetology there are several methods of disposal of the scars formed after cuts. Completely it is possible to solve this problem not always. The depth and prescription of defect of skin are less, the it is easier to achieve positive result.


1. It is necessary to choose method of treatment of scars, considering the trauma nature (mechanical, chemical or thermal) and cut depth. It is possible to remove superficial scars and hems by means of microdermabrasion - very soft peeling at which do grinding of upper keratosic layers of skin. Applying this method, use the diamond tip removing devitalized sites of skin that leads to the subsequent process of regeneration. Such procedure is painless, the course of treatment depends on condition of cuts and scars. Advantages of this procedure are that there is no restoration period, on skin of the person there will be no visible damages, and it should not cover hands that cannot be told about chemical peeling.

2. Doctors recommend to delete deep hems and scars by means of averages and deep chemical peelings. They are considered as the most effective. Basis of chemical peelings are light acids, Retinolum or phenol. These chemicals applied on integuments are capable to influence deep skin layers, improving its relief. The recovery period lasts about a week, but the result is worth it.

3. The most popular and the most effective is laser treatment today. Actually it is the same peeling, but as basis infrared beams are used. Influencing the damaged sites of skin, they make recovery of its structure, promote rejuvenescence and improvement of integuments. Such procedure is not so painful as chemical peeling, and recovery time at them approximately identical.

4. Except various peelings there is today opportunity to get rid of scars by means of plastic surgery. Modern experts offer carrying out plastics of hem with change of contour, plastics with transplantation of skin and excision of hem with imposing of intracutaneous seam. It is necessary to agree to operations of this sort after consultation with the experienced expert.

5. It is no secret that producers of medicines offer large amount of the creams helping to remove scars, but they can cope only with small damages and that for rather long period of time.

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