How to remove scars from face

How to remove scars from face

Scars (hems) arise for a number of reasons. The cause is there can be accident, disease of skin or operation. In medicine scars call sites of connecting fabric which substitute the defects of skin which have resulted from damages. There are various methods helping to get rid of scars on face. Their elimination – jewelry which can do to high-class experts. Therefore before addressing to any given clinic, be convinced that the professional will deal with your problem.


1. At first it is necessary to define kind of your scar. The doctor will be able to make it. Scars happen several types. The treatment technique depends on type of hem. Atrophic and normotrofichesky scars do not operate. Hypertrophic well give in to surgical correction. Keloid demand conservative treatment too.

2. Are used by GeliGeli for treatment of small hems and fresh extensions. They include active agents which decolour scars and do them by less convex. Gels can use at any time, so they are colourless. However the result can appear not at once. During treatment it is necessary to be under observation of the doctor.

3. The SilikonSilikonovyy method is intended for elimination of keloid hems and convex scars. Its essence is that the surface of scar becomes covered by plate from silicone which is fixed by surgical way. Over time the scar decreases in sizes and becomes less convex. Process takes several months.

4. The PilingPoverhnostnyy peeling is carried out by fruit acids. It increases elasticity of skin and levels relief. Acids smooth distinctions of skin color and scar. The peeling interferes with growth of connecting fabric and improves exchange processes. It is used for removal of small scars on face. After that carry out chemical peeling.

5. Delete with LazerLazernyy therapy convex and large scars. The method is based on penetration of laser beam deep into of scar and destruction of the expanded fabric. After laser correction the vessels stick together, and food does not arrive to cicatricial fabric, and skin becomes more smooth.

6. MikrodermabraziyaMikrodermabraziya consists in grinding of the upper layer of the skin. It helps to cope with the convex scars having small depth. This method also helps to get rid of the scars which have developed as a result of acne rash. However it does not suit those who have very sensitive skin.

7. The HirurgiyaPlasticheskiy surgery levels long and wide scars. Sites of connecting fabric are cut off, edges connect.

8. Expanderny eliminate with dermotenziyaety method extensive scars. It is carried out in two steps. At first under skin near hem sew expander (silicone sack) into which enter solution for skin stretching. Then the sack is deleted, cut out hem and tighten healthy skin.

9. Injections of kortizonapra the expanded and convex scars apply cortisone injections. The scar becomes flat and less noticeable.

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