How to remove scratch from face

How to remove scratch from face

The face always remains the business card of the woman. And if it is decorated by scratch, then and the business card will turn out useless. The red strip is evident, spoiling your appearance. For the man this problem, perhaps, will seem trifling. But the woman for a long time will spoil mood.


1. First of all carefully clean wound from possible dirt, wash out it with soap. Surely make it if you do not want on the place of scratch at you the dark pigmented stain to be formed afterwards.

2. In drugstore buy 3% peroxide of hydrogen and disinfect the scratched place. Do not use brilliant green or iodine for disinfection. Green and brown strips on your face will look at all not better than red scratches. After processing by peroxide, dry scratch and disguise, by means of the proofreader or foundation.

3. In the same drugstore take an interest whether there are on sale special means for healing of injuries of skin. You will be helped by gels like Solkoseril or ointments similar Aktovegina. Means accelerate healing of wound without hems and crusts.

4. Take teaspoon of propolis and fill in with quarter of glass of alcohol or vodka. Insist within 3 days. Use for healing of scratches, processing of pimples and herpes. This means has to be always near at hand. Prepare it in advance just in case and you store in the fridge.

5. In order that the scratch has healed without formation of hems and crusts, oil it castor. Buy castor oil in drugstore. It constantly is available on sale.

6. For the fastest healing of wound use sea-buckthorn oil or medicines on its basis. The sea-buckthorn possesses big set of vitamins and guarantees healing of scratch without hems.

7. All these means are good for treatment of small scratches. But if you have received rather deep injury of skin, address the surgeon better. He will decide how to remove scratch from face. On a visit to the expert do not pull as after a while edges of wound can disperse. And then your person will be ""decorated"" for certain by seams.

8. Well, for now scratch on the place, apply purely female cunning. Disguise unpleasant red strip skillfully done hair. Let bang to forehead or wrap curl to cheek. It will help you to get rid of inquisitive glances.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team