How to remove seams after operation

How to remove seams after operation

It is the simplest to get rid of the scar which has remained after operation it is possible by means of cosmetology procedures. But, unfortunately, not each resident of our country is capable to afford it. Folk remedies will help you to make scar less noticeable or to remove it completely.


1. Fill glass jar with svezhesorvanny leaves of nettle. They have to occupy about two thirds of volume. You should not use the plants growing within the city. Use the nettle growing far away from the highway. To bank fill in with alcohol or moonshine to the very top and densely close cover. Place for two weeks on sunlight and daily carefully mix wooden spoon. Apply the received weight on dense fabric, it is better linen, and apply to postoperative seam. From above cover with polyethylene film and wind for strengthening with fabric or bandage. You hold compress within three hours. Continue to carry out procedures on 2 – 3 times daily before resorption of scar.

2. Take 100 g of beeswax of yellow color and carefully crumb it. Fill in with any not refined vegetable oil. Place on water bath, and you cook on not strong fire within 10 minutes. Use the received ointment hot, before application warming up on water bath. Apply it on linen napkin and apply to hem. You hold before full cooling. Throw out the used ointment. The repeated use will be ineffectual. You store the prepared ointment in the cool and dark place.

3. Buy nonsense powder in drugstore. Dissolve it with any not refined vegetable oil before receiving gruel. Impose the received weight on the place of your seam. Wait until ointment begins to be absorbed, and, only after that, tie up scar. Do not rub it in hem. The nonsense has quite rigid structure and, rubbing it, you will put damages to skin. And it will not facilitate the procedure of data of scar at all. Do compress daily on 2 – 3 times. You do not hurry to wash away residues of ointment. If you have noticed reddening of skin after the carried-out procedures, stop treatment.

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