How to remove shadows under the eyes house conditions quickly

How to remove shadows under the eyes house conditions quickly

Modern techniques allow to remove shadows under the eyes house conditions quickly and without harm for health. Folk remedies and also the special cosmetic procedures improving quality of skin in eyes are for this purpose applied.


1. Use ordinary crude or boiled potatoes quickly to remove shadows under the eyes house conditions. For example, it is possible to clean tuber and to cut small on grater. Mix with the received weight oat-flakes or oats in equal proportions, add milk, having mixed so that dense gruel has turned out. Apply it on problem sites of skin in eyes and you hold within 20-30 minutes. Wash away mask and in addition apply the moisturizing cream to skin.

2. Easier way quickly to get rid of shadows under the eyes in house conditions by means of potatoes – to cut out from it two round slices and to take notice on one of everyone. Lie down with such mask within 15 minutes. Or use boiled potatoes, having diluted it with milk and having mixed that puree has turned out. Place puree on problem sites for short time and then wash. Similar masks can be used daily in the evenings, alternating ways of their preparation until improvements become noticeable.

3. You can remove dark circles under eyes house conditions by means of fresh parsley, having crushed it and having imposed on skin in eyes. From above the mask should be pressed slightly napkin from fabric. Time of deduction of mask on face of-15 minutes. It is possible to strengthen action of this mask if to freeze parsley in cubes of ice and to wipe with them shadows under the eyes every day in the morning and in the evening.

4. The known way to get rid of shadows under the eyes – cottage cheese. Pound fine-grained cottage cheese and apply to skin of 20 minutes. Moisten napkins in green or black tea and wipe places where the mask was located. It is also possible to do cotton lotions on the basis of tea or to use tea bags, putting them to the necessary areas on face.

5. Try to improve skin around eyes grain crumb, previously having dipped it into milk. Place mask on skin and you hold within 20 minutes. After removal of mask you do not hurry to wash: it is necessary to get rid of the bread remains the cotton pad moistened in milk. Regular application of such mask will clarify and will smooth skin under eyes, will make its shade uniform and will give healthy look.

6. If at you it is impossible to remove quickly shadows under the eyes house conditions, address to qualified to the cosmetologist who will examine skin, will make useful recommendations and will appoint effective medical procedures. For example, modern methods of fight against bruises and similar problems are the birevitalization and mesotherapy. To each patient certain nutritious structure which is applied on problem places is appointed and allows to get rid in the fastest terms of annoying illness.

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