How to remove shellac in house conditions

How to remove shellac in house conditions

Shellac at modern fashionistas has almost completely replaced usual varnish. And it with an ulterior motive! Shellac, being strong on the structure, nearly a month allows to keep beautiful and well-groomed nails. As it is very resistant to external influence and to remove it much more difficult, than usual varnish. How to remove shellac in house conditions?

It is required to you

  • - liquid for varnish removal (it is desirable without acetone as it not favorably affects nail plate)
  • - foil for roasting (still it is possible to take foil from under chocolate)
  • - cotton pads
  • - shaber (the shovel for manicure, is better to use wooden, it puts harm less)
  • - office scissors
  • - nail varnish
  • - nail file for grinding
  • - fat hand cream


1. Using office scissors, we cut foil small squares of 4х6 centimeters (it is possible to take any sizes which it will be convenient to you to wrap your fingers).

2. It is accurately cut cotton pads on four pieces that triangles with the roundish basis have turned out.

3. Having impregnated cotton triangles with means for varnish removal, we impose on nail plate and we wrap foil around. Thus, the finger-tip has to be completely closed, at the same time the foil has to be well on it is fixed.

4. After 10-15 minutes accurately, from each finger separately from each other, we remove foil with cotton pad. Shellac has to rise a little.

5. Using shaber, accurately we clean off the lifted shellac from nail plate, and by means of nail file for grinding of nails we process nails and we varnish them (better to use the strengthening varnish).

6. Process hands fat cream.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team