How to remove skin extensions

How to remove skin extensions

Each woman wants to have beautiful smooth skin, but often all spoil extensions. They appear on body after pregnancy and sharp weight loss, owing to the hormonal reasons. But it is not obligatory to be reconciled with these marks at all. It is possible to try to get rid of them.


1. First of all pay attention to the food allowance – the elasticity of skin depends on it. Eat more vegetables and fruit, use seafood, greens, nuts, olive oil, drink not less than 1.5 liters of water a day. Also moisten body with various means which part collagen and extracts of plants are.

2. Linen and other vegetable oils – olive, almond, wheat germ oil, not roles and rosemary, dogrose seeds - help to make extensions less noticeable. Every day after shower rub them in skin, and those places where there are defects, mass especially carefully.

3. Register in anti-cellulite massage, it is effective also for disposal of extensions. The long course will be required, and it is possible, and not one. The most impressive result can be felt at cosmetic defects in stomach. After massage it is also necessary to apply oils and to do wrappings, having wrapped up problem zone polyethylene film. It is very good to use for wrappings therapeutic muds, seaweed, gels with collagen.

4. There are also more radical techniques of fight against this problem. Beauty shops offer for elimination of extensions laser grinding, mesotherapy (injections of special substances in problem zones), microdermabrasion, correction by means of ultrasound. Each type of procedures possesses the merits and demerits. It is necessary to choose, proceeding from individual indications and contraindications.

5. If extensions are pronounced, perhaps, it is necessary to resort for their elimination to abdominoplastika – special plastic surgery. At this surgical intervention the scalpel excises surplus of fat and leather, as a result of extension is removed. But this method – extreme, it has number of serious contraindications and possible postoperative complications.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team