How to remove skin peeling

How to remove skin peeling

The reasons of dryness of skin are rather diverse, but the main is lack of organism of vitamins and minerals. Even more worsen condition of skin and misuse of cosmetics and influence of natural factors cause its peeling. However intensive leaving and the balanced food it is capable to fix this problem.


1. The normal state of skin requires daily intake of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, especially A, E, C, B, calcium, zinc and iron. They promote formation of new skin cells and deduction of moisture in them. It in turn prevents its dryness and peeling. Therefore at emergence of these signs begin to accept polyvitamins. Their balanced structure will fill organism and other useful substances.

2. Work of digestive tract has great influence on skin. And it is directly connected with quality of food and sufficient water consumption. Therefore exclude semi-finished products and preservatives from diet and replace them useful products, such as porridge, buckwheat which have sprouted wheat sprouts, milk, kefir, cottage cheese, eggs, butter. Instead of sugar and confectionery use honey, fruit and dried fruits. Add not refined vegetable oils to vegetable salads. But for extraction from these products of all useful substances do not drink at meal time. However in the rest of the time use water in enough, having excluded at the same time tea and coffee.

3. In skin care use the cosmetics corresponding to its type. For clarification give preference to two-phase liquids or milk and also soft grades of soap with cream. Wash at the same time slightly warm water. Daily do the vitaminized and nutritious masks. Fat products – milk, egg yolk, cottage cheese, sour cream, various oils are suitable for dry skin. For increase in nutritional value mix them with various vegetables. You put fruit masks in the form of pulp better. And for the best assimilation before their drawing, wash hot water.

4. If dryness and peeling of skin has appeared on all body, take every other day heat baths (37 wasps), with addition of broth of nettle, potato starch, steamed oat flakes. Use this water procedure with advantage and for other sites of skin - on hands and face. Apply on them gruel from mix of porridge, honey and milk. After bathtub for skin moistening surely use body lotions or cream with vitamin E.

5. For improvement in skin of exchange processes regularly do massage and do any sport. Physical activity activates blood circulation and promotes transportation to skin of all useful substances which have come to organism.

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