How to remove small hump on nose

How to remove small hump on nose

Often the appearance of the person will rub too outstanding nose. And if it also with small hump, visually it increases, or bends this body, attracting to it unnecessary attention. Of course, there are beautiful, aristocratic noses which owners are quite happy with such anatomic feature. But if the small hump only disturbs, it is possible to try to remove it, or to make at least less noticeable.

It is required to you

  • - powder of two tones
  • - consultation of the ENT SPECIALIST and surgeon
  • - textbook on gymnastics for the person


1. Radical way of fight against small hump - rhinoplasty, or plastic surgery of nose. It is carried out only by certified specialists in the medical centers of cosmetology and surgery, under anesthetic. The procedure not from cheap, demanding presurgical preparation: consultations with the doctor-ENT SPECIALIST, for example. Operation consequences in the form of hypostases and bruises pass on average in two weeks.

2. If surgical intervention is contraindicated or it is undesirable, it is possible to try to remove small hump and to change shape of nose by means of face exercises on Carol Madzhio's system. However, exercises will help only in case the small hump is formed by hryashchik, but not bone.

3. To disguise small hump on cosmetics. Only it is necessary to impose it correctly. For this purpose it is necessary to apply on nose back more dark shade of powder, and on nose wings - lighter. Then to shade powder so that transition of flowers was imperceptible.

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