How to remove splendor of hair

How to remove splendor of hair

Some women try to obtain hairstyle volume constant laying and piles. For others the natural splendor of hair turns into problem of which they aim to get rid in all ways. Voluminous hair difficult gives in to combing and laying. The best way to cope with they are to make heavier hair different means.


  1. Buy the special smoothing unruly hair shampoos. They make heavier hair, smooth the sticking-out scales, adding gloss and facilitating combing. Surely use conditioner after washing. If voluminous hair from the fact that are damaged you apply on them the indelible smoothing conditioner or cream.
  2. Regularly do masks for hair. Remove excessive splendor and oil masks make heavier curls. Cosmetic oil (burdock, almond, apricot, etc.) strengthens structure of hair, does them healthy and strong. You apply oil on roots and distribute on all hair. Wrap the head polyethylene and wrap up with terry towel. The greatest effect of mask happens when it is kept under warm towel therefore you need to warm up it from time to time.
  3. Wash hair correctly. In many respects the splendor of hair is result of their damages. Do not pound hair, it strongly spoils their protective layer and leads to flaking of upper scales. From it the head of hear tarnishes, and hair become porous, magnificent. Do not rub wet locks towel not to damage. It is necessary to delete from them excess moisture with the quiet wringing-out movements. Do not comb moist hair, it is also very harmful. It is better to wait when they dry.
  4. Use folk remedies to cope with splendor of head of hear. After washing rinse hair with light beer, having added to it several drops of olive oil. Beer will strengthen hair, and oil will make them heavier and consequently, smooth. The beer smell not problem, it very quickly disappears while hair dry.
  5. Use mask from egg yolk to which it is also possible to add a little cosmetic oil. The yolk smoothes disobedient curls, adds them gloss.
  6. Try rinsings with honey and beer (1 tsp of honey on 0.5 l of light beer). This means struggles with fragility and splendor of hair at the same time. It is necessary to rinse hair with this means after each washing for month and more.
  7. Straighten voluminous hair irons or lay by means of the hair dryer and round hairbrush. Such laying as means of fight against unruly hair, you should not apply daily. But if hair healthy, it is possible to stack them in the hot way from time to time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team