How to remove spots from hair-dye

How to remove spots from hair-dye

Many women dye hair independently at home. It conveniently and quickly. But often happens that hair-dye leaves spots on clothes or furniture. And at times traces of paint remain also on your own skin.

It is required to you

  • - fat cream or vaseline;
  • - cotton pads;
  • - lotion for removal of make-up;
  • - vegetable oil;
  • - alcohol;
  • - nutritious cream;
  • - detergent;
  • - sponge, - glycerin.


  1. That paint has not painted integument just it is necessary to apply before painting on places near hair layer of fat cream or vaseline. Paint will not be absorbed, and after the procedure you will need just to wipe cream from forehead, temples and neck (main places where there are undesirable spots).
  2. If paint after all remained, then it can be removed with the special means intended for this purpose which is on sale in salons or shops of professional hairdressers. If you have no such means, then try to wipe it lotion for removal of make-up. It is possible to try to wipe with the cotton pad moistened in vegetable oil, but it is not always effective.
  3. Strangely enough, to you toothpaste will help to cope with problem. Squeeze out it on cotton pad and properly wipe the soiled places. Usually spots easily are removed, and skin at the same time does not get irritation. It is necessary to wipe several times, but try not to stretch too strongly skin.
  4. Also usual alcohol deletes similar spots. But do not forget that alcohol dries skin, and can even burn it therefore moisten skin carefully, and after achievement of the necessary result apply nutritious cream.
  5. If paint has got on clothes, remove it and take under stream of cold water until any detergent – powder, for example, and wash off spot by means of sponge. After that wash as usual and stroke.
  6. With spots on furniture arrive also. Only instead of water jet it is necessary to use the sponge moistened in water. It is necessary to wash out long polluted place, wringing out sponge until the spot disappears. Then to leave to dry.
  7. The spot can be removed from paint also by means of the sponge moistened in cold water get wet until the spot does not turn pale. Then take glycerin and drip to the place of spot several drops. Pound on all surface of spot and carefully wash out sponge. Then it is necessary to mix several drops of five-percent solution of usual table salt with several drops of vinegar and wipe with this structure the place of spot. After that wash thing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team