How to remove spots from pimples

How to remove spots from pimples

Even if you managed to overcome this artful and difficult enemy - pimples or eels, sometimes misadventures on it do not come to an end as there are stagnant spots and scars which, by itself, strongly spoil appearance and cause so many moral inconveniences! But do not worry, at the correct integrated approach it is very simple to overcome this illness, the main thing is to get down to business in time.


1. Nearly the most important stage and element in fight against consequences of pimples and eels is peeling. By means of the peeling procedures you not only effectively purify skin, but also get rid of the keratosic layer on which there were these unpleasant and artful spots. Skin gradually is updated, becomes equal, clean and without traces of any damages. You can use as various srubs (it is desirable with soft granules of natural origin), and gommages which dissolve pollution and update the upper layer of the skin.

2. The peeling procedures perfectly prepare skin for the subsequent procedures, for example, to masks. What components for masks should be used successfully to struggle with pimples and reddenings? Clay which prevents repeated appearance of pimples and black dots has perfectly proved. Clay can be practically any: black, green, blue, white (kaolin). Musk from clay should hold on face about 20 minutes, and then to wash away cool water. If on your face there are a lot of inflammations and not begun to live hems, then safely add several drops of essential oil of tea tree which have great wound healing properties and anti-inflammatory effect to weight.

3. The clarifying masks can be done also on the basis of cucumber, this structure besides will perfectly moisturize your skin. So, we take cucumber, accurately and carefully we peel it, and then we rub on grater. We put the received gruel on face rather thick layer and we leave approximately for 20 minutes. This mask can be combined and with white clay - in that case the effect will be even stronger. The cucumber perfectly clarifies skin and saturates it with moisture and also sips face contour and smoothes small roughnesses.

4. Parsley decoction - remarkable way to make skin more exactly is also lighter! So, we take average bunch of fresh parsley, we fill in it with fresh boiled water and we insist about 10-15 minutes. Then we allow broth to cool down up to the warm temperature and we wash face! Parsley decoction can also be frozen - and to begin every morning with the invigorating cryomassage.

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