How to remove spots on body

How to remove spots on body

If you on skin had had spots - it is not that problem to which it is possible not to pay attention. Perhaps, they have arisen because of some external influences, for example, from the sun or friction, but they can testify also to some internal malfunctions in organism. Therefore before you will begin to apply various means to their removal, try to understand the reason of their emergence, depends on it how effective will be the measures undertaken by you.


  1. If there are no visible reasons, it is the best of all to address for consultation experts. If the origin of spots is connected with some internal diseases, for example, of diseases of liver, thyroid gland, hypophysis, gonads, nervous system, etc., removal of spots will happen in complex to treatment of the main disease.
  2. Exclude possibility of impact on skin of such factor as excessive ultra-violet radiation. Apply sunblock cream, means which suppress production of melatonin, cosmetics with Retinolum, arbutin, vitamin C. Cosmetics have to contain vegetable oils with UV filters.
  3. Spots can be removed by means of various bleaching means. For example, it is possible to grease them twice a day with hydrogen peroxide mix (50 g 3 percent solution) and liquid ammonia (2 g). The cotton tampon with this mix is imposed on quarter of hour on pigmental spot.
  4. Rather effective remedies of bleaching of skin are juice of lemon, red currant, onions, grapefruit and sourcrout. The napkin moistened in this juice is imposed on spots on quarter of hour. One more way: bleaching of spots by means of mix from equal parts of vinegar, lemon juice and water. White clay, parsley, cucumber juice improve skin color.
  5. Spots from pimples can try to be wiped with St. John's wort tincture. She prepares from 2 tablespoons of dry grass and glass of alcohol. It is necessary to infuse medicine 10 days in the dark place, and then to use every day for wipings.
  6. Along with impact on spots of different cosmetics do not forget about replenishment of organism vitamins of groups A, PP, C and enzymes which play significant role in ensuring the correct pigmentation of skin.
  7. To get rid of pigmentation you can be helped with cosmetology clinics where are applied: - the Chemical peeling on the basis of fruit acids at which cages with excess pigmentation are removed and is stimulated formation of new layer of skin. - Kriodestuktion during whom liquid nitrogen freezes skin blanket. After a while after the procedure the surface of skin with spots darkens and is torn away. This method is considered the most effective in case of age spots. Treatment by means of the laser when the directed light wave destroys excess of melanin in the upper layers of the skin. Dermabraziya who is similar in result to other methods (here too the upper layer of the skin carefully is removed and regeneration of new fabrics is stimulated).-Fotoomolozheniye – the warming-up impact of light energy on skin. After application of cosmetology methods of removal of spots it is necessary to exclude hit on the processed surface of skin of sunshine: cover these parts of the body with clothes and you apply the corresponding creams within two weeks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team