How to remove spots on face

How to remove spots on face

Spots on face cause complexes, especially it concerns women. Men are less susceptible to the appearance, sometimes they do not attach significance to the appearance, but it concerns not all men. But what spots would not be formed, it is necessary to find out the reason and to begin their treatment.


1. If you have pigmental spots, then use juice of parsley, lemon, cucumber. You apply it on pigmentation zone and if oily skin or combined - wipe with juice all face. Also do not forget about sunblock creams which are the best of all for buying in drugstore. Choose cream with the level of protection against SPF-15 above. Use the bleaching masks and cosmetic cream regularly.

2. If you have red and rough spots on face, then it can be both allergic reaction of organism, and just manifestation of dryness of skin which is formed as a result of solar influence or cold weather. Before using any cosmetics, you descend on reception to the dermatologist. If availability of allergy is confirmed, then use those means which were registered by the doctor. Usually it is antiallergic ointments and tablets. If the allergy has not been revealed, then regularly use moistening cream, and for the night you can apply children's cream on zone of formation of spots. Begin also intake of vitamins, it is possible that this manifestation of avitaminosis.

3. If you had had white spots, then it is disturbing signal. Usually they signal about approach of disease under the name of Vitiligo. They are formed because of stresses, hormonal violations and other failures in work of organism. If you have found such spots, then register in reception to the endocrinologist and the dermatologist. After clarification of the reasons and capture of analyses to you will appoint course of treatment which should be passed. Usually register the cleaning programs of organism, vitamins and the all-strengthening means and also intake of pharmaceutical medicines.

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