How to remove stomach bottom quickly and effectively

How to remove stomach bottom quickly and effectively

After the delivery, sharp weight loss or, on the contrary, increase in body weight many face such problem as the drooped and volume bottom of stomach. The most desperate register in reception to the plastic surgeon that often is mistake. Actually, having made a few efforts and having shown persistence, it is possible to cope with this problem independently in house conditions. There are several councils how to remove stomach bottom quickly and effectively.

Eat and grow thin at the same time!

One of the most important aspects of any weight loss – the balanced food. Quickly to remove stomach bottom house conditions, it is necessary to carry out the following councils of nutritionists:

  • completely replace strong tea and coffee with grass broths and infusions to which it is desirable to add a little ginger or cinnamon promoting combustion of fat;
  • refuse carbonated drinks and alcohol – these products are one of the main reasons of emergence of stomach;
  • it is better to eat food often, but in the small portions that the organism managed to digest it;
  • drink enough water - not less than 2 liters a day are desirable. Coffee, tea and milk cannot become substitutes of usual water.

Physical activity - flat stomach

The main exercise which will help to get rid of volume bottom of stomach – work on press. But it is necessary to do it correctly not to aggravate situation. The wrong situation during exercises can lead to the fact that instead of disposal of stomach you will pump up muscles in that part, which already excessively volume.

Before exercises surely warm stomach muscles. For this purpose pound the problem site the warm towel moistened in hot water with addition of essential oil of grapefruit or rosemary. When skin of stomach reddens, it is possible to make the light patting massage and after to start occupations.

One more way to remove stomach bottom quickly and effectively - exercises standing position. The body at the same time does not bend, and the raised leg traces circular motions in air. Legs it is necessary to take aside from the body, without raising foot higher than the level of knee of other leg – in this case lower part of stomach is pumped over. If to do exercises 40 minutes a day and to adhere to recommendations concerning diet, then to remove stomach bottom house conditions it will turn out literally in 5-6 weeks. For maintenance of the achieved result 3-4 times a week are enough to do exercises in the preventive purposes 15-20 minutes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team