How to remove strip on stomach

How to remove strip on stomach

Last months pregnancies many women notice emergence of brownish strip which kind of halves it on stomach. It can be both hardly noticeable, and rather dark and is individual for each woman. There is nothing terrible in it, emergence of strip – consequence of the strengthened pigmentation of skin of the pregnant woman.

It is required to you

  • - peeling for sensitive skin,
  • - means from extensions,
  • - camomile broth,
  • - lemon juice,
  • - natural sponge,
  • - cottage cheese,
  • - milk,
  • - linden broth,
  • - cucumber.


1. Do not force event! Pigmentation of pregnant women – process temporary, connected with change of hormonal background of the woman in the course of incubation. After the delivery the hormonal background is gradually restored, and, therefore, pigmentation becomes more pale too. Normal at women the skin color reverts to the original state within year, but when – at everyone it is individual. Have patience and just wait. During feeding by breast application of many means can cause allergy in the kid therefore just watch own state and note changes.

2. Skin in the field of strip also differs from other sites on the structure. Use the soft peelings intended for the most sensitive skin, and it is even better – rub natural bast. After shower surely continue to use means from extensions. In the field of hated strip they affect skin more than favourably. If there is such opportunity and the state of health allows, go to sauna and organize yourself several sessions of honey peeling or the clarifying wrappings. Skin after such procedures will become soft and silky, and the strip will become almost imperceptible.

3. If you have not really sensitive skin, it is possible to use the clarifying masks from lemon juice, cucumber or low-fat cottage cheese. Favorable impact on skin in the field of strip is made by broths of camomile and linden. They give additional softness and clarify. But be careful! During feeding by breast similar experiments can cause the severe allergy in the kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team