How to remove suntan

How to remove suntan

Beautiful suntan does figure more tightened and also the well-groomed look gives to the face. He can hide minor defects, dry heat-spots. However in this case it is possible to go too far. Sometimes brown suntan passes into saturated-black and looks already not really attractively. In this case you should not despond, the normal shade of skin can be returned also in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • The bleaching means, extract of St. John's wort and body scrub.


  1. The hot bathtub with extract of St. John's wort will help skin to relax and also will a little reduce intensity of suntan. However in this method there are reefs. The fact is that after too long water procedures the suntan can descend spots, and it will only worsen general view.
  2. After bathtub it is desirable to peel dead cells by means of rigid bast or srub. Many girls consider that excess suntan can be washed away. However this delusion. Melanin which is responsible for skin darkening is produced only in deep skin layers. Therefore to hope that skin after these procedures will strongly brighten is not necessary.
  3. After, leather is properly purified, it is possible to apply on it the bleaching means. Great properties such the lemon, cucumber and also fermented milk products have.

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