How to remove swelling for about century

How to remove swelling for about century

Stresses, sleepless nights or night sit-round gathering, it is even unimportant, with wine or tea, all their consequences are reflected in face. As a result, under eyes there are swelled-up eyelids and dark circles. To cope with such unpleasant situations and again make-shifts which are in each house will help to look attractively.


1. The simplest means to remove swelling century and to reduce circles under eyes is usual black tea. Take two cotton pads and soak them with tea leaves. Put for fifteen minutes on the closed eyes. Then grease with skin cream around eyes eyelids. Such procedure can be done several times a day.

2. Cut fresh cucumber thin circles. Impose them on eyelids and take fifteen minutes, each five minutes replace old circles new. The excellent effect will appear very quickly. There is option of cucumber mask which is not demanding constant replacement of circles. Grate fresh cucumber and put pulp on eyes. You hold mask within fifteen minutes, then wash away cool water and apply nutritious cream for century.

3. Crude potatoes are capable to take off fatigue from eyes and eyelid skin. Grate crude potatoes on small grater, add two tea spoons of flour and one tablespoon of boiled milk. You hold the prepared mask in the eyes within fifteen minutes. Then wash away mix and apply milk compress to skin

4. Milk perfectly looks after skin around eyes. To prepare milk compress, blot cotton tampons in the cooled-down boiled milk, then lay them on eyelids for ten minutes. Then wash out eyes and apply nutritious cream.

5. For removal of hypostasis for about century it is possible to resort to technology of massage. Massage strongly differs century from massage of any other part of the body as around eyes skin very much rastyazhima. Besides, it is impossible to use usual massage cream as it can get into eye and cause irritation of mucous. Instead of cream in half of glass of warm water part quarter of tea spoon of honey. Do massage by the easy tapping movements moistened in this solution with finger-tips. Then pass to stroking of the closed eyes by the vibrating movements and easy puddling. Massage lasts no more than fifteen minutes.

6. Carry out gymnastics for eyes, it will take no more than five minutes you. But will bring very good benefit. - As it is possible narrow eyes more strong and hold the breath on the third second. Then sharply exhale and at the same time widely open eyes. Repeat five times. - Close eyes and with circular motions massage skin from nose to temples. - With the covered eyes rotate eyeballs: ten times clockwise and ten – against hour. - On distance thirty centimeters in the face of extend thumb. Serially left, right, both eyes you look at the end of finger for five seconds. Repeat ten times. - On whisky put finger-tips and ten times quickly blink. Then cover and relax eyes for six seconds. Repeat three times.

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