How to remove swellings over eyes

How to remove swellings over eyes

The mad rhythm of life, tension, constant stresses and disorders cannot but affect our health. Especially it concerns appearance which suffers most of all. The tired face, bad skin, hypostases over eyes is only the few manifestations of organism which already have to guard you and undertake urgently their elimination.


1. The most important medicine in such situations – rest and dream. Without them all your efforts will be futile. Try to change your day regimen, and be sure that shortly your organism will tell you "thanks". If at you for the evening the interesting event is planned, and you want to eliminate quicker fatigue traces, that is several advice which will help you to remove, say, swellings over eyes already within a short period of time. It is possible for some of the most "urgent" ways to make it by means of usual potatoes.

2. There are several similar options: The first option.1) Peel one potato of average size.2) Wash and cut circles.3) Put these circles to eyes for 20 minutes.

3. The second option.1) Cook several potatoes to full readiness.2) Make puree and let's it cool down a little. 3) Put warm mashed potatoes on upper and lower eyelids for 20-25 minutes.

4. The third option.1) Miss crude potatoes through myasorubku2) put the Received gruel in gauze and carefully squeeze out. 3) Moisten with the received potato juice eyelids

5. The fourth option: 1) Wipe crude potatoes on small grater.2) Squeeze out juice.3) add fennel or parsley.4 To the received gruel) put Ready mix to centuries.

6. Besides, there is still set of ways to remove swellings over eyes – compresses with milk, applying by ages of bags of black tea, gauze sacks with cottage cheese, the cucumbers cut by circles, greasing century mix from sour cream and parsley, wetting by broth from petals of roses, camomile and other not less easy ways.

7. To be insured from such troubles, you need to follow several simple advice only: to watch the weight (as hypostases over eyes most often arise at corpulent people), to drink less liquids for the night and also to refuse smoking and alcohol intake.

8. Very often swellings over eyes arise owing to liquid delay in organism cages. Therefore for people at whom such problem is observed, it is recommended to eat less salt and also to drink the diuretics helping to remove excess water. Cowberry, juniper fruits, bearberry leaves belong to diuretic products, for example. All of them are natural products therefore will not do any harm to your health.

9. Despite simplicity of preparation of compresses, all these methods of elimination of swellings over eyes are quite effective and work for a long time. Therefore they are enough to be done only as required or according to your desire.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team