How to remove tattoo

How to remove tattoo

If you are dissatisfied with the tattoo, then it can be removed with set of ways. The most popular of them following: surgical method, camouflage, cryosurgery, use of the selection laser, mechanical removal. The efficiency of all above-mentioned methods depends on several characteristics: colors, size, depth of paint, features of human body. Therefore before using any given method, it is necessary to study them carefully.


  1. The easiest way of removal of tattoo is camouflage. In this case data of the drawing do not happen. Over old the tattoo is put another with color similar to skin shade. Not always it turns out to hide qualitatively tattoo, bright colors cannot be painted over plausibly, and the site of skin all the same will look a little artificially. This way is suitable only for small tattoos.
  2. The surgical method consists in cutting of the site of skin on which there was old image, then seams are imposed. The problem is that it is impossible to check paint penetration depth therefore also thickness of the cut-off site cannot also be calculated. The depth depends on what dye has been used when forming tattoo. For example, the pigment of burned rubber gets only superficially, and ink, on the contrary, very deeply. Excision is very painful operation therefore it is carried out at local anesthesia. By means of this method you with guarantee will get rid of tattoo, however there will be scars.
  3. Cryosurgery. Liquid nitrogen is applied on the site of skin with tattoo, afterwards skin strongly bulks up, becomes wet, and within several days to become dry crust. Approximately in week it falls off. As a result there will be small hem which will turn pale over time.
  4. The selection laser influences dye, without influencing skin of the person. For removal of old tattoo different types of lasers can be used, it is caused by the fact that for specific color certain device is used. By means of this way you completely will get rid of permanent make-up, and harm will not be done to skin.
  5. Mechanical method. Removal of tattoo happens in consecutive removal of layers of skin, using special devices. This method does the site of skin very sensitive to infections therefore to absolute recovery the ground surface should be contained in sterile conditions.

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