How to remove the fat content of hair

How to remove the fat content of hair

The increased fat content of hair not only gives to hairstyle untidy look, but also creates favorable conditions for developing of dandruff. The correct head skin care will be provided to hair by healthy gloss instead of shining fat "shine".


  1. The problem fatof hair arises because of violation of secretion of the sebaceous glands located under head skin. These failures can arise at teenage age when all organism reconstructs and to disappear in the natural way after completion of puberty. However the reason of excessive fat content can disappear also in diseases of internals, for example, because of hormonal failures. In that case cosmetics are powerless, and here consultation of the doctor is obligatory.
  2. Use shampoos conditioners on the basis of extract of birch, seaweed, nettles, sage, aloe. Cosmetics, for example, with shea butter and ylang-ylang, sound quite romantically, but will hardly have on head skin rather strong impact, than "native" sage or coltsfoot. Exotic "will more effectively save" those hair which have grown in the same habitat.
  3. To restore the normal fat content of hair, use treatment-and-prophylactic shampoos on the basis of tar or zinc. You apply them on the hair moistened with warm water on skin, more precisely, at roots (as fat is produced not in hair). One washing of the head will require only 1-2 drops. At the same time length of hair does not matter. Slightly pound shampoo in moist palms and rub in head skin centimeter behind centimeter before formation of light foam. Wait 5 minutes, then wash away water. For fixing some means should be put once again, then to leave for minute and to wash away.
  4. Traditional medicine offers the mass of ways of removal from hair of excess fat and giving of healthy gloss. These are camomile broths (for the clarified hair), flowers of linden, leaves of birch or burdock. As the natural conditioner use lemon water: dissolve juice of third of lemon in 1 liter of water. Rinse hair with the received "cocktail" every time after washing.

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