How to remove the handle from skin

How to remove the handle from skin

have unintentionally written on hand ball pen, the child has covered with drawings to himself all person and body ink – be not upset. The trace from ball pen can be washed away make-shifts.


  1. Soap and water. Soap properly traces from ink on skin, massage 2-3 minutes and wash away warm water. If you were soiled recently, everything will be washed away without special work.
  2. Glycerin. Take vial of glycerin, blot with it cotton pad and wipe the polluted place.
  3. There is no glycerin near at hand – will help out liquid for varnish removal. It is better to choose the means which is not containing acetone. Blot with it cotton pad and erase trace from ink.
  4. Oil. Also not strongly eaten ink can be removed olive, sunflower or any other vegetable oil. Moisten with it cotton pad or tampon and remove blot.
  5. Alcohol-containing substances. Skin can be cleaned from ink traces with alcohol, cologne or spirits. Wet any of the transferred funds cotton pad and apply for couple of minutes to the soiled place. Then the same rag well rub trace from paste. Later grease the processed place with children's cream.
  6. Hydrogen peroxide. Plentifully moisten with 3% solution of peroxide of hydrogen cotton pad. Apply it to the polluted site of skin for 10-15 minutes. If the trace from the handle does not descend, wet disk also well rub skin. On face it is better not to use this method as peroxide of hydrogen can provoke burn.
  7. Lemon. Take slice of lemon and apply to the problem place. In a few minutes check whether the trace has descended. If is not present – leave lemon for some time. Then wash away citrus juice warm water.
  8. Among other things, today in shops it is possible to buy the mass of the import means helping to remove spots of any complexity. Only before using them, attentively study structure and method of application.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team