How to remove the increased nails

How to remove the increased nails

High-quality and safe removal in salon of the increased nails costs money. Most of girls try to get rid of them by own forces. They actually "tear off" artificial material from natural nails. And how it is correct to remove the increased nails?


  1. The way of removal directly depends on from what material artificial nails are laid out. Therefore even when building take an interest at the master that he uses: acrylic or gel.
  2. To remove acrylic nails, at first it is necessary to remove their length. ""Bite off"" free edge with special tweezers for increased nails. Then it is possible to start removal of the artificial material which has remained on hands safely. In salons the experts remove acrylic nails by means of liquid which is specially intended for such procedures and which has property to dissolve acrylic.
  3. It is quite natural that not each house has vial of such liquid. Instead of it it is possible to use usual acetone. It will put to nails harm no more, than that liquid. Take cotton pad. Carefully moisten it in acetone. After that apply tampon to artificial nail. Wrap the end of finger together with cotton wool in foil piece. It is precautionary measure not to inhale harmful vapors of acetone. Repeat this procedure for all fingers. Then wait 10 minutes. For this period, acrylic it will be dissolved and will become soft gruel. It can be removed easily from nails.
  4. It is more difficult to remove gel nails. Acetone in this case will not help any more. You will need file which abrasivity is 100-150 grit. Such file is used only for artificial material. It cut artificial nails. Do it slowly, removing material layer by layer. Before work it is also necessary to remove length. It considerably will accelerate process. But it is necessary to stay behind this laborious occupation all the same not less than an hour. Removal of the gel increased nails can be carried out also by means of special machines. They are supplied with various nozzles by means of which in only 15 minutes it is possible to remove all nails carefully.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team