How to remove the inflamed pimple

How to remove the inflamed pimple

Pimples – very unpleasant phenomenon, especially when they swell up on face. And it is twice unpleasant when such pimple - inflamed and painful. Independently cosmetologists do not recommend to squeeze out pimples, but seldom who listens to these recommendations.

It is required to you

  • - spirit solution of salicylic acid;
  • - 10% synthomycin liniment;
  • - tar soap;
  • - propolis tincture;
  • - tablets "Trikhopol".


1. To squeeze out pimple without complications, it is necessary to press only the ripened pimples having white head and not defiant pains when you touch them. Before the procedure the face and hands need to be washed up carefully with soap, to process area of pimple alcohol. After expression the area of pimple needs to be processed alcohol again to eliminate infection of wound.

2. Except expression, quickly to remove pimples will be helped by spirit solution of salicylic acid of 1-2% concentration. It is applied on pimples twice a day, and pimples are dried for two three days. Resorcin possesses similar action.

3. If the pimple is very inflamed, and deeply under skin there is pus, it is better not to squeeze out it. There is risk of entering of infection, and after the wrong removal of such pimple there can be scar. For treatment of such pimples there is proven means – 10% synthomycin liniment. If to grease with it pimple for the night, inflammation will disappear completely for the second or third day.

4. Small pimples leave completely for the 2-3rd day after processing by their tar soap. Propolis tincture mix, Trikhopola and salicyl alcohol suits for these purposes too. For its preparation salicyl alcohol and tincture of propolis are mixed in equal quantities and add one tablet "Trikhopola" which is previously pounded in powder. Wipe with the received solution pimples for the night. If there is a lot of pimples, it is possible to wipe face and in the evening. Try to apply means only on pimples because it strongly dries skin.

5. For prevention of appearance of new pimples it is necessary to follow certain rules of hygiene. Wash at least two times a day, do not abuse chocolate, coffee, black tea, hot spices and mayonnaise. Eat vegetables and fruit, fermented milk products more. From garnishes it is more preferable than some porridge. Face skin demands daily cleaning, moistening and nutrition. If to provide it appropriate care, pimples will become not frequent "guests" on your face.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team