How to remove the nails increased by acrylic

How to remove the nails increased by acrylic

The correct removal of the increased nails is necessary for maintaining health own. The procedure this not really pleasant, but by itself acrylic will not descend from nails therefore it is necessary to suffer a little.

It is required to you

  • - cuticle scissors;
  • - files for nails with different degree of abrasivity;
  • - pure acetone;
  • - 10 strips from aluminum foil;
  • - 10 cotton balls;
  • - stick for cuticle;
  • - polishings;
  • - olive oil or nail cream
  • - medical nail varnish and cuticles.


  1. Advantage of acrylic nails over gel that they can be removed by softening by acetone. Also use this their property. By means of nippers or cuticle scissors cut off acrylic most shortly – the less artificial material will remain, the quicker you remove its remains from own nail. Accurately file tips, moving file in one direction.
  2. Moisten 10 balls from cotton wool on number of naroshcheny nails in acetone. Apply the ball impregnated with solvent to acrylic nail, press vatu and wind each nail with foil strip. The more densely the foil, the better will adjoin. Repeat this procedure of la of all nails
  3. After one and a half hours, not earlier, remove foil from all fingers in any way. Take wooden stick which usually you use for processing of cuticle, and very accurately scratch out the softened acrylic from the nail.
  4. Remove all remains of acrylic nails by means of polishings – at first use more rough, and at the end the most delicate. It will allow not only to get rid of false nails completely, but also will put the surface of your own nail in order. Only be not overzealous – the nail under acrylic structure so is thin after the procedure of building.
  5. Finish the procedure with action for recovery of structure of nails. Massage movements rub in nail plate olive oil or hand cream with arnica extract. Further repeat rubbing in of medical structure on three times a day within several weeks. So what do you do not allow stratification, oblamyvaniye of nails and keep their smooth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team