How to remove traces from pimples on the face

How to remove traces from pimples on the face

Pimples on the face - the phenomenon quite unpleasant. However after disposal of pimples on face skin there can be traces (for example, vascular asterisks or red spots). It is possible to fight with them by means of the tested folk remedies.


1. Masks from clay can appear effective remedy in fight against various specks and hems. It is possible to prepare them quickly and without effort. It is enough to take clay tablespoon floor (white, green or any other) and to part it with small amount of warm water. The turned-out weight has to be creamy and without lumps. By the way, it is possible to add to it also essential oil of rosemary (2-3 drops). It is necessary to apply this clay mask on problem zones (there where there are traces from pimples) for about 10-15 minutes. It is possible to carry out this procedure every other day.

2. Means which is capable to save face skin from spots is cucumber juice, it has the excellent bleaching effect. It is possible to apply cucumber juice in different options. It is possible to cut, for example, fresh cucumber on ringlets and to apply them on problem sites of skin, it is possible to grate cucumber, and to put the turned-out gruel on face for about 10 minutes. Besides, it is possible to prepare (or to get in shop) cucumber lotion with which it is possible to wipe face skin in the morning and in the evening.

3. It is also independently possible to apply also essential oils as they are capable to help with disposal of traces after pimples too. Various oils will be suitable for use: for example, tea tree, lavender, rosemary or avocado. Perfectly also lemon juice will approach. Just wipe with them those sites of skin which you want to save from spots or vascular asterisks. However, try not to abuse this means because in large amount of oil can provoke increase in pressure or affect nervous system.

4. Also parsley broth will remarkably cope with red spots. It needs to be cooled after preparation, and then to pour in molds for ice, to put in the freezer. It is useful to wipe with the turned-out cubes problem face zones, and both in the morning, and in the evening.

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